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Our Fees

Fall 2020 Fees

The goal of Jordan Lake Futbol Club is to only cover our expenses.  Monetary temptations do not exist and allow us to provide high quality soccer at an affordable cost to families.   Most clubs require you to pay Club Fees upwards of $1600/year.  On top of that are Team Fees for your cost of all the tournaments and games your team plays in.  We do it differently at JLFC.  You will pay one fee for the Fall Season and one fee for the Spring Season.  These cover all your expenses outside of Uniforms and travel expenses.  Tryouts are always Free!

Uniform Fees
Uniform Fees are at the individual level.  Each team will have a standard uniform kit which will be required for each player.  Additional JLFC branded items are always welcome, and encouraged to promote the club - but completely optional.  JLFC partners with local and national vendors for uniforms and spirit wear. Our current uniforms will be good thru Spring 2021!


JLFC does understand and support that many struggling families may not have the means to allocate money for their child's soccer- even with our low fees.  JLFC works with families to arrange payment plans and also does have club and private scholarship opportunities for those families in need.

Fall 2020 Estimated Fees
The fees below are the estimates for the Fall 2020 Season only.  These fees are based on entry in 3-4 tournaments plus additional league games and are all-inclusive except for travel expenses.  Exact fee totals will be available after teams are formed and schedules finalized. 

JLFC Fees - $300-$500/ per player*

Uniform Kit - $190/ per player*

** These are estimates and subject to change *