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Our Organization


History and Purpose

In January of 2018, Jordan Lake Futbol Club (JLFC) was created with the sole purpose of providing players and families a high-level and high-character soccer experience in the southern Wake County area. We are a 100% non-profit organization with the sole purpose of providing a great soccer environment for our kids.   Here are some of the ways in which we have accomplished that and what sets us apart from other clubs in the area:

  • Competitive Level-  While we appreciate the recreational and challenge level offerings other clubs in the area provide, as a small club and a desire to remain small,  we strive to only field a few very competitive "Classic Level" teams.

  • Team Longevity- We have put together a quality group of players and train them to work together at a high level.  Our intentions are to keep these teams together and highly competitive thru High School.

  • Our Focus- Our focus is to grow each players knowledge, skill, and love of the game!  In building player esteem, confidence, and encouraging creative play, they are prepared not only for success on the soccer field but also in everyday life.

  • Off the Field- Along those lines we want to offer ways in which our players look beyond themselves and serve our communities.  JLFC is constantly giving back to the community and also taking time to build personal relationships with fun Club activities.

  • Training-  We train twice a week for two hours rather than the usual "Classic way" of three times per week for 1.5 hours. This gives families one extra day each week to spend together while also allowing our players bodies to recover from intense training sessions.  Focus is given to both technical and tactical training in a full field environment - not sharing space with multiple teams.

  • Video Review- One item which makes JLFC unique is we regularly video record games, and hold whole team "game film" review sessions where players self-evaluate. Coaches take those self-evaluations, add comments, and then individually meet with players to talk through a development plan.

  • Coaching Staff- Our coaches not only have many years of coaching experience, but our Director of Coaching has multiple coaching certificates and licenses. While we believe players need to be challenged and encouraged to pursue excellence, it shall always be delivered in a constructive and encouraging way.

  • The Board-  JLFC is governed by a seven person diverse board of both men and women. We feel we are able to look at things from most all angles.

  • Cost & Fees- Our goal is to only cover our expenses. Monetary temptations do not exist and allow us to provide high quality soccer at an affordable cost.

  • Quantity and Quality of Games-  There is an emphasis on the quality of the tournaments that JLFC will enter.  We pick events that make sense for our players and families - not settling for the same local events every season.  With 3-4 tournaments each season (1-2 being more local) and roughly 5-6 additional league games, another family friendly component to JLFC is that you can expect a soccer-free weekend each month.   


Operational Staff and Board of Directors

Operational Staff

Chad Poprocki - President

Jenn O'Bryant- Treasurer

Eric O'Bryant - Secretary

Scott Waller - Club Manager

Board of Directors

Lindsey DeLorenze

Diane DeMoura

Joshua Haddon - Chair

Eric O'Bryant

Chad Poprocki

Kendra Selph

Jeff Ward



Director of Coaching

Chad Poprocki

 LaLiga- Level 1 Certification (Highest Level)

US National D License Applicant (June 2020 Completion)

Staff Coaches

Curtis Keeling

Jenn Miles

Pavol Segedy

Ian Smith

Dennis Thomas


Yan Autphenne - Goalies

Travis Woodham - Woodham Soccer Training

Our Locations


Grace Christian School

Grace Christian School

Grace Christian School

708 Buck Jones Road Raleigh North Carolina United States 27606



Grace Christian School

Grace Christian School

107 Edinburgh S Dr #100a, Cary, NC 27511


Hunter Street -Turf

Grace Christian School

Hunter Street -Turf

1250 Ambergate Station Apex North Carolina United States 27502